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Bead blasting or bead cleaning has been around for several decades. It has been used extensively in the auto industry to remove paint from metal. Although the process is the same as "sand blasting", using glass bead is not as abrasive to the sub-surface.

The glass beads are microscopic ball bearings of glass. They are very small grains of sand which are heated. When melted, they form into spheres and are then cooled to stay in their spherical shape. As small mass ball bearings, they can remove unwanted superficial debris from rather delicate surfaces, like swiming pool tile.

Tile Savers of Nevada uses only the smallest beads possible to perform the job. This guarantees the best results. Even with glass bead cleaning, in the hands of the wrong person with too large a bead and too much pressure, tile can be ruined. We have cleaned hundreds of pools and know exactly the right conditions to insure quality.

Several commonly asked questions from our customers are:
  1. Do you have to empty my pool to clean the tile?
    Answer: No. We only need to drain it about 8-10 inches to keep the tile dry.

  2. What do you do with the bead afterwards?
    Answer: We water vacuum it out of the pool. The beads are inert material which will recycle back to the ground. We can also filter it out through portable tanks.

  3. How long will my pool tile stay free of the calcium buildup?
    Answer: That depends on your water quality, how often you brush the tile and if you keep your Ph at accepted levels.

  4. Why does my pool get that calcium line on the tile?
    Answer: Las Vegas water is naturally high in dissolved minerals from the Colorado River, about 400ppm. Due to high evaporation rates in our desert climate, the total dissolved solids or TDS levels start to increase immediately. When the TDS levels rise beyond 1000ppm, the solids start precipitating out onto solid surfaces like the tile and the plaster. We will test your water for free, but it is recommended that you pump out your water and start fresh when TDS levels get to 1500ppm and definitely when 2000ppm or above.
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Bead blasting produces dramatic results!

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