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Tile Savers of Nevada will remove calcium from your pool tile by "glass bead" blasting! Unlike other methods which involve dangerous chemicals and or abrasive pumice stone which can damage your pool tile, bead blasting is fast, safe and very effective. The cost for most pools with spas average $300 to $400, and no draining is required which saves you more money in water cost.

Let us make your pool tile look brand new in less than a day!

Tile Savers of Nevada is not just for swimming pools and spas. Unsightly mineral deposits can be formed from sprinklers and other water sources. We can clean deposits off fountains, tombstones, monuments, statutes, rock water faces, architectual rock and other outdoor areas where water has deposited minerals.

We now service Clark County, Nevada and nearby areas in Southern Nevada, Arizona, California and Utah.

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stucco ~ concrete ~ waterfalls ~ ponds ~ fountains ~ raised bond beams ~ spas

Other pool services available upon request.

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